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Rio de Janeiro Cactus Bowl

Rio de Janeiro Cactus Bowl


Behold, The Rio de Janeiro, our majestic live edge hollowed out cactus, laying at 6 to 8ft, is a true masterpiece that captures the raw beauty of nature. This one-of-a-kind statement piece is not just a stunning addition to any decor but an awe-inspiring work of art that commands attention.


Crafted from the finest cactus wood, this hollowed out masterpiece features natural tones and intricate details that showcase the beauty of the wood. Its live edge finish adds a touch of rustic charm, while the hollowed out center creates a mesmerizing depth that draws the eye in.


Perfect for use as a centerpiece on a dining table or as an accent piece in any room, the Rio De Janeiro Cactus Bowl is an eye-catching addition that's sure to elevate the look and feel of any space.


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