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A Word About Rustic Furniture

Our products feature solid wood.  As such, it will continue to react to the changing temperature, humidity and other environmental factors based on the area it is in.

Rustic furniture has a distinct distressed look that features splits, cracks, knotholes, and uneven edges.  These features should not be viewed as a product defect, but seen as a distinct characteristic of Rustic Furniture.

The furniture we provide has different wood grains, which represent different textures and tone variations.  Additionally, many of our pieces are made from reclaimed wood and re-purposed materials.   These variations make it virtually impossible to guarantee an exact match between two pieces.    Our pieces feature a variety of materials that include: wrought iron, metal, glass and turquoise.  These features add a great deal of value making each piece unique and different! 

LMT Design only sells to registered Designers and Decorators.  We do not sell to the general public.


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